Win an inn in Maine with an essay, $99, and a dream

March 6, 2020

If you’ve dreamed of running a bed and breakfast, or a rustic inn—but lacked the funds to make it a reality, this may be your big chance. All you need is an essay and a dream. And $99.

Instead of selling the Harbor Watch Inn on Swan’s Island off the coast of Maine—an 80-square-mile enclave with a permanent population of about 300 and a summer influx of tourists that inflates that number to 1,000— the current owner is having a contest.

According to a report by ABC News, you can enter as many times as you like by writing an essay of no more than 350 words on, according to the website, “Why owning a small island inn would fulfill your dreams. Why do you believe you will succeed? What, if anything would you change about the inn?”

The inn itself is a four-room establishment plus a full apartment on the second level. The two standard rooms have two double beds, a full private bath, sitting area, small microwave, mini-fridge, and  coffee maker. The kitchen rooms are upgraded and include a full kitchen with full-sized refrigerator and range. These units face the harbor and have private balconies.

To take a shot, visit the entry site and fill out the form. The winner will get not only the inn, but $25,000 in operating funds, ABC News notes. Enter before March 31.

Swan’s Island is located six miles off the coast of Maine. It is accessible by ferry from Bass Harbor.

Research contact: @ABC News

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