Warby Parker’s Super Concentric Collection: Think inside the box!

September 30, 2019

glasses. Many of the new frames are high on sophistication and style—but low on price—like those offered by online pioneer Warby Parker.

The New York City-based company—which was founded in 2010 after being developed in the Venture Initiation Program of the Wharton Schoolactually wants buyers to “think inside the box.”

In fact, Warby Parker has hurtled to the top of the eyewear industry by shipping boxes to customers’ homes that contain the five frames each person likes the best online.

Try them on at home, the company says. Then return them—designating your favorite, which will quickly and economically be produced by Warby Parker, using your doctor’s eyeglass prescription.

Now the company has released a new line of frames for fall 2019. Unlike the black and gray frames that have been popular across America for the past few years, each of the styles in the Warby Parker Super Concentric Collection features a complex combination of colors and materials.

According to California-based stylist Rachel Zoe, You may remember in 2014 Warby Parker released its popular Concentric Collection, which featured a bold ring of acetate around the lenses in a complementary hue. Well, now the brand is taking this concept to the next level with its latest offering. The best part? the collection is available to shop now.”

For this new collection, Zoe says, the brand developed a technique that uses seven pieces of acetate in three colors to create multicolored face fronts on three new optical styles. The three colors of acetate are layered on top of each other by hand and fused together to create tri-color blocking and concentric silhouettes. The elaborate design process takes over three months, but results in special styles that are striking yet sophisticated.

The collection comprises three different silhouettes—The Darrow, The Percey, and The Francis—and starts at $195 (including prescription lenses). Each of the styles incorporates the same color palette that consists of the clear “Crystal,” the warm brown shades of “Oak Barrel,” and the vibrant deep blue hue called “Blue Bay.”

“No matter which shape you choose.” Zoe says, “you’ll notice each one finds the balance of being both classic and interesting. So, while they’ll certainly bring a lot to your look, they can easily be worn for everyday — and that’s a win-win.”

Even better? Like with any pair of Warby Parker frames, for each pair of glasses purchased, a pair is given to someone in need.

Research contact: @RachelZoe

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