Wanted: A ‘canine critic’ to review fido-friendly hotel accommodations

August 14, 2019

A peripatetic pup is wanted to em-BARK on a dream quest— reviewing canine hotels for Hotels.com, SWNS Digital reports. The new position of “canine critic” will give one lucky dog the change to try out ten of the world’s most dog-friendly accommodations.

The top dog will be required to offer his or her four-legged insights on “walkies,” comfy bedding, pampering services— and top quality bones. Together with his or her owner, the hound will post reviews of ten of the world’s reputedly most dog-friendly hotels on a leading hospitality industry website.

And there are just two requirements – they must be a “bone-a-fide” dog and have a taste for international travel.

A recruitment video has been created by the leading hotel provider and features doggie influencer, Dolly Pawton, reviewing The Curtain Hotel in London.

According to research, reviews of pet-friendly hotels have increased by 62% over the past two years.

Following the surge, Hotels.com has launched a new category in its annual Loved by Guests awards – Best for Pets.

Liz Oakman, senior director and general manager-EMEA for the Hotels.com brand said: “We love our pets more than we love our other half at times, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a huge increase in travelers wanting to take their furry plus-one on holiday with them.

She added, “At Hotels.com, we want to make sure you find the paw-fect place to check into, so we’re excited to add a Best for Pets category to our Loved by Guests awards —but it doesn’t stop there. Our hunt for a canine critic is our way of ensuring our pet friendly hotels really are up to ‘scratch’ with a four-legged expert’s ‘paw of approval.”

Jet-setting hounds (and their humans) can apply for the role through Hotels.com’s Instagram channel by following them and posting a picture of themselves—tagging @hotelsdotcom and using #CanineCritic. Applications close at 23:59 on Sunday, August 25.

Research contact: @hotelsdotcom

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