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Clutch call: What it means when you see the letter ‘M’ in the palm of your hand

March 13, 2020

Now that we are no longer shaking hands as frequently (instead, opting for the fist bump, the elbow thump, or some other form of physical greeting)—but instead have taken to washing our hands like Lady Macbeth (“Out damned spot”)—maybe we all have a moment or two to look at our palms.

 If we take a close look, we will see a variety of lines, shapes, and textures on our palms, fingers, and thumbs—all used by those who practice palmistry to reveal individual personality and character traits.

 According to Psychic Library, for those of us who are right-handed, the lines and shapes that appear on the left hand indicate the character traits, personality, and destiny we are born with. For left-handed individuals, the opposite applies.

 And according to the Astrofame website, the presence of the letter, M, in the palm of your hand is very important. Indeed, in an article picked up by MSN, the site claims that people who see an obvious M on their hand are very intuitive. With a sixth sense that is sharper than average, they probably know when someone is telling them a tall tale, even before he or she finishes the first sentence.

And if you have that M, you also are believed to be endowed with a determined character and to easily attract success. Your other traits are described as follows:

  • You aren’t afraid to take the initiative, which makes you the protagonist of your life.
  • You have mastered the qualities of patience and perseverance.
  • You always have been smart. Even as a young child, the genius within you was easily recognizable. And you always were resourceful in achieving your goals.This M is proof that you’re smarter and more knowledgeable than the average person.
  • You are brave. You are capable of facing challenges and have a natural daring streak.

For more information on palmistry, check out the Palmistry Room online.

Research contact: @MSN