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When the tattoo outlasts the love

February 6, 2019

He loves me; he loves me not. When the love affair is over, but the tattoo remains, it’s an awkward situation.

What’s a single guy (or gal) to do when his chest, or arm, or ring finger, or ankle proclaim the name of an ex for all to see? Cover it with another, more commitment-free design—or go to the physical and fiscal pain of having it erased?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a company that calls itself “America’s leading provider of tattoo removal services”—Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers, with 20 locations nationwide—is offering the lovelorn or the lovers-and-leavers up to $500 in credit to erase that ink. The credit may also be applied as a gift, when purchased by spouses or partners.

“We have found name tattoos easier to remove than the average tattoo,” says Amanda Carter, VP of Research & Development for Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers. “The density of the tattoo is the number one factor for speed and ease of removal. In the thousands of name tattoo treatments we’ve performed, they are usually less dense— lots of fine lines and tight script—making for easier removal.”

The credit is available through February 28, 2019. When booking or calling, mention code “OLDFLAME” to be eligible for the credit.  Pricing is based on the number of sessions each customers needs to achieve full removal . Factors such as location of the tattoo on the body; color, and density of ink within the design; and even skin type play a role in the number of sessions a customer needs to safely remove unwanted ink. Thus, the company is offering $500 off a removal of $1,500 or more; $300 off a removal of $1,250-$1,499; or $250 off a removal of $1,000-­$1,249.

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Richard Branson says new cruise line will treat guests like ‘rock stars’

January 22, 2019

You don’t necessarily want to “rock and roll” on a cruise ship. (Think roiling waves and sea sickness.) But Sir Richard Branson—heretofore best-known for Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic airlines, Virgin Hotels, and Virgin Galactic space tours—has come up with an experience he thinks consumers, literally, will go for.

Virgin Voyages, the latest Branson brand, will begin operations in 2020, with the first of its four ships on order from master builder Fincantieri—the Scarlet Lady. The cruise will set off from Miami to a Caribbean destination, hosting more than 2,770 guests (whom the company calls “Sailors”) and 1,160 crew members.

The Scarlet Lady will be “adult-by-design,” Branson says—”a sanctuary at sea for the 18+ traveler.” The new company is throwing out traditional clichés on luxury and formalities, and instead bringing what it calls Rebellious Luxe to life at sea; with RockStar Suites created by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio “as the pinnacle of that experience.”

The top two suites aboard the ship—dubbed the Massive Suites—will boast their very own guitar-clad music rooms, views of the ocean from every corner, hot tubs, hammocks—and runway outdoor dining tables.

“Virgin has always avoided stuffy formalities and brought a lot of excitement and a bit of rebelliousness to our customer experiences,” says Branson. “With these glamorous suites, Virgin Voyages is bringing rock and roll to the high seas and spoiling our Sailors like the rockstars [sic] they are.”

“We have combined brilliant design and Virgin Voyages’ epic Sailor experience vision to create a completely new version of luxury—Rebellious Luxe, which is at the intersection of luxury and a rebellious attitude that makes everything we do different, indulgent and meaningfully relevant to our Sailors. Whether they want to sleep all day, praise the sun with yoga at dusk or party all night, our RockStar Suite Sailors can live out their fantasies aboard the Scarlet Lady,” says Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages.

RockStar Suites Sailors “will live their best lives,” attended to by the RockStar Services Crew, from time of booking, to sail away, and throughout their voyage, Virgin Voyages claims. There will be backstage access for RockStar Suites Sailors at every corner, with early access to onboard entertainment, restaurants, Shore Things (a private transfer to and from the ship in Miami), and an exclusive express VIP pathway to the ship during embarkation.

What’s more, RockStar Suites Sailors will have their very own wardrobe team to help unpack and repack; complimentary pressing service; and nightly express swimsuit drying service—“because no rockstar should ever have a wet bottom.”

All RockStar Suites Sailors will have access to Richard’s Rooftop, their very own private members club—a secluded place for them to bask under the sun or have a drink under the stars.

From now through January 31, Virgin Voyages fans can enter for the change to win the opportunity to Party Like a rockstar, Virgin Voyages’ style, at their next #ShipTease event in New York City on Valentine’s Day. Those interested in the sweepstakes should visit to enter.

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Personal connection is preferred to candy on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018

A survey released on February 12 by AARP Foundation has found that only one gift really matters this year for Valentine’s Day: making time for others. A large majority (63%) of respondents said that spending time with a romantic partner or with friends or family is the most meaningful way to celebrate the holiday. Just 13% of those surveyed preferred receiving flowers, candy or other gifts.

Eighty-two percent of survey respondents said they would rather spend Valentine’s Day with someone than spend it alone. Non-married adults who are not in a romantic relationship were more likely to feel lonely when thinking about Valentine’s Day. Adults 50 and over were nearly twice as likely to report this status.

According to the survey, feelings about Valentine’s Day are mixed, with 33% saying that they felt “neutral” about the holiday; while 63% expressed positive feelings and 23% expressed negative feelings. Indeed, 27% plan to ignore the holiday and 10% will spend it alone.

The survey found that many respondents are concerned about a loved one feeling alone, with 48 percent noting they have worried about a friend or family member feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day

The survey was released by AARP Foundation in support of Connect2Affect, AARP Foundation’s ongoing effort to build awareness about the impact of loneliness and social isolation, which also includes resources to help people stay connected.

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