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Dia serves the 70% of U.S. women whom the fashion industry ignores

November 21, 2018

Nearly 70% of American women—about 100 million coast-to-coast—wear a size 14 or larger, according to market research firm Houston-based Plunkett Research. But what are they wearing? Only 18% of the clothing sold in 2016 was considered plus-size, Port Washington, New York, market research firm NPD found in a recent study covered by the cable network CNBC.

On a personal level, that’s something that Nadia Boujarwah, CEO and co-founder of New York City-based Dia&Co, has realized for a long time. The former Wall Street executive says on her company’s website, “I’ve always loved fashion, but struggled to find clothes that fit my body and worked with my personal style. I’ve been everything from a size 12 to a size 22 and I couldn’t help but notice, no matter my size, that there was nothing for me.”

Indeed, she told CNBC in a recent interview, since the retail industry isn’t catering to this majority, “the average plus-sized woman is only spending 20 cents on the dollar that women in smaller sizes are spending on apparel.”

“So instead,” Boujarwah says, “I co-founded Dia&Co in 2014 [along with Lydia Gilbert], as a way for women just like me to embrace their individuality. It grew out of a personal need and now, Dia&Co is a place where everyone can explore all the incredible things that style can really do.”

The company offers clients personal styling exclusively in sizes 14 and up, as well as monthly boxes of curated plus-size clothing. A spokesperson for the company said the styling service has had more than 1 million users and ships to all 50 U.S. states.

Like the popular online retailers, Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, Dia&Co asks prospective customers to complete a profile, and then a stylist curates the items that are shipped to her. Dia charges a $20 styling fee, and the customer pays for the clothes she wants to keep.

Boujarwah told CNBC that her company is not only helping the customer find clothes, but it’s helping create clothes as well. “We do everything from work with brands to enter plus for the first time,” she said. “We build our own brands, all the way down through really creating the content and the community, to inspire her to participate.”

She added: “If you think about how many problems that are inherent” among plus-sized women, Boujarwah explained, Dia has taken “a very comprehensive view, and we’ve really said every part of this challenge for her is our job.”

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61% of Americans regularly feel ‘wardrobe panic’

March 22, 2018

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear, although your closet is full of clothing? You are not alone. In fact, the average American spends eight hours a month in his or her closet trying to find a suitable outfit, based on findings of a poll of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Trunk Club, a personal styling service.

The new data, released on March 7, reveal that most people experience “wardrobe panic” 36 times a year—and more than 2,800 times in a lifetime. Indeed, 61% of Americans admitted that they regularly think they have nothing suitable in their closets to wear.

And they don’t mean nothing “new.” In fact,6% of respondents own nine or more items in their closets that still have the tags on them! And 13% of U.S. men and women  concede that they have nine or more items in their closets now that they only have worn once.

Coabi Kastan, head of Styling for Trunk Club said there is a solution to the apparel anxiety attack: “As you approach building your wardrobe, start with the essentials. When you build the fundamentals of your wardrobe first, you’re able to lessen the ‘wardrobe panic’ that’s so common.”

For men, Kastan said, these essentials include:

  • Dark jeans
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Brown shoes and a brown belt
  • V-neck sweater
  • Navy blazer

For women, start with:

  • Dark denim
  • Leather jacket
  • Sleek flats
  • Cashmere sweater
  • Silk blouse
  • Striped shirt
  • Black dress
  • Tailored blazer
  • Structured leather bag
  • Beige pumps

“These building blocks allow you to create great and versatile outfits for any occasion and will help you feel more organized while getting dressed each morning,” Kastan added.

Finally the inability to properly clear our closets might simply be because we’re sentimental. Seventy-four percent of Americans admitted they have pieces of clothing in their closets they don’t ever plan on wearing or think they’ll wear anytime soon, but they really don’t want to part with them.

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