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New BIDEN Beauty brand is booming—raising and donating big bucks to Joe’s campaign

October 6, 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is getting some unexpected support down the homestretch of his presidential battle from an unlikely source—beauty and fashion sales, TMZ reported exclusively on October 5.

David Yi—the 30-year-old fashion writer and entrepreneur who founded Very Good Light, a website dedicated to men’s beauty, in 2016—told TMZ this week that he launched the BIDEN Beauty brand  on the heels of the September 29 presidential debate with the goal of activating the beauty community to get behind the Democratic nominee and encouraging them to vote blue.

Already, he tells the celebrity gossip site, “The Biden-themed products are flying off the shelves.”

The group had remained anonymous until now because, Yi says, they want the focus to be on Biden and Kamala Harris, but they’re stepping out now to let everyone know 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Biden Victory Fund— to help him defeat President Donald Trump.

Those proceeds have the potential to be yuuuge—as Trump might say—because since the September 30 launch, Yi says they’ve had an order placed every minute, selling 50% of their initial inventory in 35 states— including all the major swing states.

David says Arizona is leading in that category, and across the U.S., the #1 seller has been the BIDEN Beat Makeup Sponge. The site’s also selling totes and hoodies, in addition to cosmetics.

We’re told they’re launching a line for Kamala next week as well.

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Manson family murder house sold to ‘Ghost Adventures’ star

July 26, 2019

It has been nearly 50 years since the night of August 9, 1969, when Leno LaBlanca and his wife Rosemary LaBlanca—residents of the Los Angeles suburb of Los Feliz—were stabbed to death by Charles Manson followers Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houton; who then scrawled the words, “Helter Skelter” in blood on the front of their refrigerator.

The house of the murder victims is finally off the market, Fox Business reports—sold, fittingly enough, to a famous ghost hunter after being marketed for nearly $2 million.

Zak Bagans, the host and star of the Travel Channel series, Ghost Adventures – made an offer that the owners couldn’t refuse.

The two-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home was constructed in 1922. The sale of the house is expected to close by September—and Bagans has not said whether he will live there or use it for another ghost-hunting episode of the show, which currently is in its 16th season.

However, Bagans, a collector of things with a dark history attached to them, told TMZ that the home is “the holy grail.”

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