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A ‘garden variety’ Roomba

February 1, 2019

It’s time to “Terra-fy” yourself in the best way ever: Having already changed the way people clean their homes, with the iconic Roomba robot vacuum and the Braava family of robot mops, Bedford, Massachusetts-based iRobot, announced on January 29 that it is reinventing lawn care with the Terra robot mower.

According to the company, Terra offers state-of-the-art Imprint Smart Mapping and navigation technologies;  high-performance, high-quality mowing; and easy installation.

It mows like people do—intelligently navigating a yard cutting efficiently in straight, back-and-forth lines. Terra remembers where it is in the yard and what ground it still needs to cover. If the robot’s battery runs low, it will return to its base to recharge and then resume mowing until the yard is complete.

Terra will offer consumers a welcome alternative to existing robotic lawn mowers by eliminating the need for costly and labor-intensive boundary wires. Combining Imprint Smart Mapping technology with a newly developed wireless communications system—including standalone beacons that are placed around the yard—the Terra can be driven once around the yard to mark its territory and then scheduled for use.

Users have total control over where the robot goes and where it doesn’t go, so it will stay on the lawn and out of the flowers.

Because Terra is connected, users can use the iRobot HOME App to customize their robot—from adjusting the height of the grass to controlling precisely when the lawn is cut, day or night. The robot is designed with rugged features to help it operate in inclement weather and navigate tough outdoor terrain.

“iRobot is building an ecosystem of robots and technologies that help people do more both inside and outside of the home,” said CEO Colin Angle, adding,. “The robot mower segment is well established in EMEA and has tremendous room for growth in other markets, including North America. With its ease of use and premium mowing features, Terra is poised to give consumers a whole new way to think about how they take care of their lawn.”

The iRobot Terra robot mower will be available for sale in Germany and as a beta program in the United States this year. Specific availability and pricing will be announced at a later date (although, judging by the Roomba, it probably will be in the $1,000 range).

Research contact: @iRobot