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Recipe cards go digital with a little help from CuratorCrowd

April 9, 2019

Does your family have its own set of cherished, hand-written recipe cards, passed down from generation to generation? Now, there’s another reason to value them dearly: Thanks to Nashville-based CuratorCrowd, they soon may be obsolete.

On April 8, CuratorCrowd, a division of American Hometown Media, launched its  Recipe Box Plugina traffic and engagement platform built specifically for food blogs and websites. The Recipe Box Plugin enables users to easily save and curate recipes and content from any participating site on the web directly to the cloud—becoming a central food-related repository that gets frequent return traffic.

Once saved to the Recipe Box, recipes are easily searchable and users can create collections (folders) to better manage and organize recipes. They can also easily filter recipes by source/website.

Prior to this week, the Recipe Box was not available to other sites on the web. American Hometown Media has its own  Just a Pinch Food Group—a select group of food-only bloggers.

However, now, other culinary sites can take advantage of what the box offers—nearly a decade of usage and proof of concept (over 2 million active recipe boxes and more than 24 million saved recipes from over 24,000 publishers).

“As the food technology/media vertical matures, users are looking for online tools to enhance and make their lives easier,” says Dan Hammond, CEO of American Hometown Media. “The Recipe Box Plugin does that while helping food influencers and publishers build their brands and user engagement. That sounds like a recipe for success.”

The technology to power the Recipe Box Plugin is free to online publishers, websites, and food bloggers, and can be easily installed in minutes, the company claims.

Over the next year AHM plans to roll out new products in the CuratorCrowd platform— including a food-specific trending content recipe exchange, a syndicated content engine, and Recipe Box TV, which will channel and monetize video content into popular streaming platforms to build brand awareness and revenue. Future enhancements anticipated for the Recipe Box include ecommerce and shoppable recipes, as those solutions mature.

Research contact: @JustAPinchCooks