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Swipe right: A new real estate brand is treating home buying like dating

May 3, 2021

Casa Blanca—a new app that enables users to sort through profiles in hopes of finding the perfect match—just released its first ad campaign, Adweek reports.

But, instead of presenting you with singles in your area and competing in the crowded market of dating sites like Tinder and Bumble, the brand is delving into a different type of matchmaking through a personalized, design-first approach to the home-buying process.

“Designed with personalized match-making technology powered by a simple swipe left or right, the Casa Blanca app helps more people find their dream home,” the company’s website claims, adding that, “The only real estate app that eliminates the middle man and gives buyers up to 1% cash back on their final purchase price, Casa Blanca streamlines and sorts listings based on user preferences and lifestyle priorities, introducing them to refined home choices.”

Casa Blanca worked with the app,  Rent Antler, to create a lifestyle campaign that will run on social and digital platforms, which the brand hopes will capture its purpose of disrupting the market through a direct-to-consumer approach to real estate, Adweek notes 

The brand is setting itself apart from the competition by offering curated recommendations for buyers, who may be used to staring at the same few properties that match their price point on other platforms, says CEO and Co-founder Hannah Bomze. 

“We wanted to create a platform similar to Bumble, where if you don’t like something, you don’t have to keep seeing it over and over again,” she explains.“We ask very specific questions about your style, and the more you swipe left and right, the more we can make visual recommendations for you.”

The bottom line: Casa Blanca’s target audience is first-time buyers, and Bomze hopes that its lighthearted content—including testimonials from new homeowners on its Instagram page—can make the real estate process feel less arduous and more inviting.

“Instead of a traditional real estate brand showing you pictures of people’s empty homes, we’re showing you who lives in this space, why they chose it and what their life looks like,” Bomze said. “We are trying to bring more personalization and customization to a process that has been very transactional.”

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Wedding trends: ‘Union do’s’ for 2020

December 4, 2019

If you’re planning nuptials for next year, there is a fresh crop of 2020 wedding trends—from bold pops of color to inspired invitations—that the editors of The Knot say will make your special day a standout.

  1. Green vibes: Consider re-setting a family stone or heirloom engagement ring, repurposing ceremony florals, sourcing locally grown food, or hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability.
  2. Micro weddings: Think 40 people or less-but budget more per guest, so that your very nearest and dearest are treated to bespoke touches, elaborate meals (tasting menu, anyone?), and tons of personalization..
  3. Magical mysticism: This spiritually charged vibe combines all things mystical: crystals, saging, palo santo, even aura photobooths. ( Suggestion: Make it work for your unique couple style by sending guests home with a rose quartz crystal, the classic stone for love.)
  4. 4. Inclusive menus: Reception eats are going to check all the boxes in 2020. Vegetarian? No problem. Vegan with a nut allergy? We got you. Be considerate of all your guests by offering up a variety of cuisines and refreshments (delicious non-alcoholic drinks can be crafted with care by mixologists).
  5. Barrettes and combs: Veils aren’t going anywhere, but tiaras have given way to the latest in hair jewelry—barrettes and combs. These wedding hair accessoriesmay be adorned in pearls, rhinestones, or colorful enamels. They’re great for holding back natural curls or creating a second style for your wedding reception.
  6. Trending hues: From linens to dresses for the wedding party, expect to see a lot of neo mint (AKA, the new millennial pink); cassis, not quite pink, not quite purple; yellow, a mellow, rich hue with earthy undertones; and faded denim, a blue that equally fresh and serene.
  7. 7. It’s lit: Good lighting is the surest way to get those 2020 wedding decor trends noticed. From hanging installations to tube lighting and LED bars, the options are endless. Change up the feeling of your party from dinner to dancing with a light show or add strings of fairy lights to a concentrated space, like above your cake table for maximum effect. And fret not, candlelight is still on-trend for creating an intimate and romantic vibe, The Knot’s editors say.
  8. Edible florals: Frozen in ice-cubes, tossed in salads, sprinkled on top of desserts, edible flowers are a big wedding reception trend for 2020. This pretty extra provides an easy way to elevate virtually anything—from infused water to classic vanilla cake. Florals and weddings are synonymous so pair your edible petals with dried flowers for a romantic effect. (Think: pressed in invites, or as confetti after I do.)
  9. Dressed to impress: Black is taking a backseat to blue. Navy, teal, and cobalt jackets are trending when it comes to tuxedos and suits, while accessories of all kinds continue to be the favored way to really personalize a look. Unique wedding dress codes (think: white party!) also are on the rise.
  10. Personalized paper: Lean into the wedding trends of 2020 with something that speaks to you as a couple, like using recycled paperand soy based inks for eco-friendly correspondence. Opt for a modern vibe by embracing bold colors, pattern and texture in your wedding invites. Or delight a more intimate guest list with a pop-up or acrylic invite that will really wow.

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