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Getty Museum challenges quarantined Americans to copy classical artwork with photos shot at home

April 3, 2020

On March 25, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged those who might be bored while in quarantine to recreate great works of art from its online collection using three items and/or people found right at home.

“The response to the challenge was quite overwhelming and incredibly creative,” the museum wrote on Twitter (@GettyMuseum), while inviting entrants to share their “objets d’art” on either that social media site or on Instagram (#gettymuseum).

The results show life imitating art in the most literal sense. One woman transformed into Madonna and child with just a bath towel and her dog. A pile of well-placed clothes, toy cars, and oven mitts became “The Scream” (if you squint a little). A portrait of a spotted horse? Clothes and Trader Joe’s bags will do just fine.

We posted a couple of entries on our page—and we invite you to go see the others and smile.

Want to get in on the challenge? It’s not too late to participate!

Research contact: @GettyMuseum


Above, Jennifer Piumarta’s copy of a Monet. (Photo source: Getty Museum)