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Trophy wives: Husbands compete in wife-carrying race in Hungary

October 7, 2020

Some husbands carry their wives across the threshold and call it a day. Others go on to compete in national wife-carrying contests.

That’s right. The sport of wife-carrying originated in Finland as women prodded men to show their strength by carrying them away from their protective fathers. Over the years, this courtship ritual transitioned into a sport.

Today the sport draws many people from different backgrounds and nations. The race is popular among Estonians, Lithuanians, and Scandinavians, although some find it controversial, VOA News reports.

A November 3 race in the eastern village of Tapiobicske was the first one to be held in Hungary. Dozens of couples braved a 260-metre hilly course featuring a water splash zone among other obstacles. Saturday’s race had two rounds and the final competition was held between the top four couples. The winners said they were very proud of their achievement and would love to be able to enter a world championship.

But there’s also a contest in the USA, if Hungary and Finland are too far for competitors to travel for a weekend trip. Founded in 1999 at Sunday River Resort in Maine, the North American Wife Carrying Championship has been held annually in mid-October at this location ever since. Winners of 13 U.S. state events and two Canadian provincial events have competed in the North American Championship. Winners have the option of competing in the World Championships and have placed as high as fifth.

The North American Championship holds registration spots open for winners of any sanctioned state, provincial, or regional wife carrying events and provides entry to these competitors at no cost; then, opens any remaining spots for public registration. The winning team brings home the wife’s weight in beer and five times her weight in cash. Teammates are not required to be legally married, and there is no minimum weight for the carried competitor.

Research contact: @VOANews

Moving on up: These five U.S. locales will pay you to live there, so apply right now

December 16, 2019

Moving to a new home can be stressful and costly. You’ll pay anywhere from $800 to $2,000 to move the furnishings of a four-bedroom home locally, according to Home Advisor. The cost to move across country, or out of state, averages about $1,000 per room—and moving an entire house could put you out-of-pocket anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000.

So, imagine how great it would be if you got paid to move.

It’s happening in five U.S. locales, Fast Company reports. This week Topeka, Kansasjoined the list of off-the-beaten-path regions that will pay you to move there.

Upon closer inspection, though, most funding meant to lure you to, say, North Platte, Nebraska, or Grant County, Indiana, involves convoluted applications or home purchases or employer-matching programs. (Topeka’s program requires you to live there for a year, for example.) In other words, nothing you can simply apply for in one step.

Fast Company tracked down the programs that you can easily sign up for right this moment, wherever you are, and lock down funding before you buy your plane ticket:

  • If you’re a full-time remote employee: Think Vermont. Applications open in January for this program, which pays you up to $10,000 over two years just for setting down new roots.
  • If you’re a very recent grad or went to college in Maine: Opportunity Maine will help you pay off your student loans in a state that refunds recent grads for loan payments. The refund comes as a tax credit so, for example, if you pay $2,500 in loan payments and your state income tax bill is $2,100, you would only pay $400 in taxes.
  • If you’re a freelancer or work remotely: Tulsa Remote will provide you with $10,000 and a co-working space. The hip program, funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, initially planned to attract 20-25 people—and was deluged by applications, which organizers capped at 10,000. They’ve recently welcomed over 100 new residents, and now the program is back, looking for Tulsa’s 250 newest movers and shakers.
  • If you’re a recent STEAM grad: Go Hamilton. The one in Ohio, which will pay off up to $10,000 of your student loans over three years. That’s totally worth a three-year detour to Butler County.
  • If you’re still buried by student loans 7-10 years out of school: St. Clair County, Michigan, is calling your name and willing to pay back up to $15,000 of your loans through its Come Home Award.

Happy trails.

Research contact: @FastCompany