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Enjoy the ‘salad days’ with your dog

August 27, 2019

Sweetgreen—a nationwide fast-casual dining chain that serves salads—began offering a new menu item this week: dog food. The restaurateurs have partnered with the direct-to-consumer pet startup, Wild One, to create munchies for mutts out of some of the same ingredients—sliced apple and sweet potato—found among its salad greens.

The new product is called Plants for Pups. “We set out to create a treat mix akin to a Sweetgreen salad,” Minali Chatani, Wild One’s co-founder and head of brand, told Fast Company during a recent interview, adding, ““They’re designed to be tasty, healthy, and made with transparently sourced ingredients.”

The collaboration began when Nic Jammet, Sweetgreen’s co-founder and chief concept officer, stopped by the Wild One holiday pop-up and began to think about the sourcing process for dog food, which is notoriously opaque.

Together, the brands decided to collaborate on Plants for Pups as a way to showcase their mutual mission to bring transparency to food. As Fast Company has reported in the past, Wild One is known for its single-ingredient treats that are free of chemicals and fillers. The ingredients in the Plants for Pups treats are sourced from farms in the United States.

“We bring expertise on the treat industry and dog nutrition, and they bring their knowledge of ingredient suppliers and sourcing,” Chatani told the business news outlet.

The 4-ounce Plants for Pups bags will be sold for $16 on both the Wild One and Sweetgreen online stores, as well as at Sweetgreen’s Tavern store in Washington, D.C., and during the opening events at Sweetgreen’s Houston location in Montrose.

While dogs aren’t allowed in most Sweetgreen stores unless they are service animals (because of health and safety regulations), many locations have outdoor seating that is open to pets. The Montrose location will have a pet-friendly outdoor park attached to the location, Fast Company reports..

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