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Isn’t it rich? Offspring of opulent NYC families set to study at Avenues outpost in Hamptons; avoid pandemic

June 15, 2020

Avenues—the Manhattan-based K-12 private day school where the children of tycoons, rock stars, and actors learn their ABCs for $56,000 a year—is setting up a 3,500-square-foot campus in New York’s exclusive Hamptons enclave to enroll the offspring of parents who have fled the city for the hygienic comfort of their beachside homes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Daily Beast reports.

The for-profit school, established in 2012 by a group of private investors, reportedly seeking a space in East Hampton to operate as a new “studio” campus, the East Hampton Star reports. Fees for students attending the new Hamptons campus will be $48,000, a bit lower than in the city,  due partly to lack of extracurricular and sports activities.

The campus currently is accepting students for the fifth through 11th grades.

In addition, Avenues is launching a new service called Avenues@HOME, which will offer five hours of in-home, in-person instruction for around $65,000 a year. The in-home service is being aimed at very young pupils, who can struggle with online learning, The Daily Beast notes.

School officials say they could hire between 75 and 100 teachers for the at-home option over the next several weeks as wealthy New Yorkers seek to optimize the privilege of their offspring.

“There are a number of families that have previously lived in the city and attended Avenues before relocating to the Hamptons,” Maggie Wollner, who will head the new campus, told the East Hampton Star, which first reported on the news.

“They have been hoping to find a way for them to continue schooling with us.” The pandemic had caused many parents to consider spending “all or part of next school year” in the Hamptons, she added.

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Equinox to go up against Peleton and Mirror for streaming fitness supremacy

August 16, 2019

Earlier this month, Stephen Ross, the billionaire owner of the popular fitness brands, Equinox, SoulCycle, Precision Run, and Blink Fitness, sparked outrage and calls for a boycott of his businesses when he hosted a fundraiser for President Donald Trump in the fashionable Hamptons area of Long Island, New York.

But that hasn’t slowed down his push into the fitness category. In fact, Ross now has announced his intentions to take on Peloton, the New York City-based exercise equipment and media company that has revolutionized the home biking experience—connecting users to live and on-demand streaming on-screen classes across a variety of devices for $39 per month.

According to a report by Fast Company, Ross’s new digital venture will include two separate pieces of hardware and personalized content representing Ross’s portfolio of brands.

Slated for launch this fall, the platform will pair with a new stationary bike identical to the one found in SoulCycle studios—with the addition of an attached screen. Equinox also will sell its proprietary Woodway treadmill, which can already be found at its Precision Run studios.

The new digital venture (which has not yet been named, Fast Company says) will include all the brands’ signature workouts—led by top instructors—in one network. It is not meant to replace the live studio experience, rather to serve as an addition for dedicated members who want an at-home offering.

The new digital venture puts Equinox in direct competition with Peloton, which also boasts both treadmill and stationary bikes along with a broad range of fitness content. Last year, Peloton opened a new production studio dedicated to yoga and meditation in New York City. The streaming giant is now valued at more than $4 billion.

Peloton stands out in the $14 billion home fitness equipment market, but it’s becoming an increasingly crowded space: Fast Company notes the long list of competitive startups—among them,  Mirror (personal training, yoga), Crew (rowing), and Tonal (weight lifting) ; all of which are attempting to do what Peloton did for the indoor bike.

While approximately 16% of the U.S. population holds a gym membership card, a recent survey found that 54% of Americans who work out at least once a month are interested in buying an at-home fitness system.

Over the last few years, Equinox members increasingly have demanded more ways to interact with the brand on their own schedule. Around 86% of them would like to spend more time with the brand than they get to, according to a recent survey of SoulCycle riders.

The new platform will integrate live and recorded original video and audio content–and will start with an invitation-only launch in the fall, with the at-home equipment available for purchase by the winter. A more public rollout is set for early 2020.

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