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Waste is a terrible thing to waste: Ikea’s glossy (and free) new cookbook puts food scraps on the menu

April 6, 2021

Summery corncob soup, ‘plantcakes’ made with broccoli and carrot greens, and corn husk smoked chicken with fried corn silk are just a few of the inventive recipes in Ikea’s “The Scraps Book”—a cookbook dedicated to food preparation with the little things we usually throw away, The Chicago Tribune reports.

The Swedish home design brand collaborated with ten renowned chefs to address food waste and to show how easy it is to use food scraps like kale stems, banana peels and spent coffee grounds to create show-stopping meals. The beautifully designed ebook is full of stunning food photos of the 50 easy-to-follow recipes, along with tips like how to build your own backyard compost.

According to a Food and Drug Administration report, food waste is estimated at between 30% and 40% of the food supply in the United States, and the report lists wasted food as the single largest category of material placed in municipal landfills.

In 2016, the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency announced the formation of the U.S. Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions group and set a goal of reducing food waste by 50% by the year 2030, the Tribune notes.

.“ScrapsBook” is free for download at Apple Books, Google Play, and The eBook is available to everyone, and Ikea Family members will be automatically entered to win a limited edition hardcover copy of the 214-page book. As Ikea says, “Waste is a terrible thing to waste”

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‘Angerware’ app helps consumers punish unethical vendors

November 7, 2017

A pre-election CNN/ORC poll  has found that nearly 70% of Americans are either “very angry” or “somewhat angry” about the state of affairs nationwide. As one way of relieving their stress, many have adopted a new generation of shopping-assistant apps to help them avoid doing business with companies that don’t match their values.

“A lot of people are calling it ‘angerware’,” according to Erin Ferguson, founder and CEO of  the startup Shoulder Angel —a provider of ethics-driven shopping assistance software. “I suppose that description fits our Harvey Weinstein movie boycott feature well as any,” she continued, “but most of what we do is actually about positive action and the increasing willingness of Millennial consumers to spend more on goods and services they deem to be ethical and sustainable.”

Indeed, a Nielsen survey on ethical consumerism that was conducted around the same time as the CNN/ORC poll found that up to 66% of consumers would be willing to pay more for ethically responsible goods—and that figure climbs to 72% Millennials.

How does it work? The company says that its proprietary graph technology traces “multiple, complex ethical relationships” and provides the consumer with a variety of alternative purchases.”

For example, a consumer who is looking for contraceptive products would be warned by Shoulder Angel that her employer’s insurance plan no longer covers such necessities and steered to another option.

In addition, the app covers pending and approved legislation; as well as . the politicians who vote for those bills and the companies that give money to these politicians. It is not uncommon, therefore, for Shoulder Angel to warn a user against products that are “made by companies… that have funded politicians… who have voted against laws…”, when those laws adversely impact one of the user’s causes.

“The app was designed with Millennial consumers in mind,” stated Andrew Montgomery, Shoulder Angel’s Chief Technology Officer. “Thus far, cruelty free cosmetics are our number-one seller for this age group. Millennials seem to be less about anger than positive action.”

Shoulder Angel is freely available today from both the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.

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