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NFL gives TV networks more ad time to sell during playoffs

January 19, 2021

Fully 78% of the audience for the annual Super Bowl watches the ads only as entertainment, according to Marketing Charts.

Most of those folks also are avid fans of the playoffs, we have to believe. And along with the TV networks, those viewers will be particularly pleased that this year the National Football League will allow CBS, NBC, and Fox to sell an additional two minutes of commercials during the playoff games, The Wall Street Journal reports.

That will mean several million dollars of new revenue for the networks, as NFL postseason games are among the most sought-after content for advertisers. A spot usually runs as high as $1 million during the early playoff rounds and can top $2 million for the conference championships that determine who plays in the Super Bowl, network executives said.

The league agreed to the additional ad inventory after requests from the broadcast networks, which had already sold the bulk of commercial time for the playoffs and wanted to capitalize on strong demand from advertisers.

The extra ad inventory will be for all of the playoff games starting this weeken—but doesn’t include Super Bowl LV, which will air on CBS on February 7, direct from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida. CBS is seeking as much as $5.5 million per commercial for the Super Bowl, people with knowledge of the matter have said.

“The marketplace has been very good,” said John Bogusz, executive vice president of sports sales for CBS. Bogusz told the Journal that the network is close to being sold out for the playoffs and has a few spots remaining for the Super Bowl.

This seasons’s playoffs will include two more games than usual, the NFL having expanded the number of teams that qualify to 14 from 12.

“We already had more inventory in the postseason to begin with, but the demand was really strong,” said Hans Schroeder, chief operating officer of NFL Media. Schroeder said the changes wouldn’t become permanent: “This is more about the moment we’re in.”

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Is the face familiar? Plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg ‘unpacks’ Kellyanne Conway’s new look

June 25, 2020

Never mind the alternative facts she spouts in her position as White House spokesperson. What about her alternative face?

Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway looked noticeably different during an appearance on the Fox News early morning talker Fox & Friends on Monday, June 22—causing speculation on social media that she may have had some work done.

Indeed, Page Six of The New York Post reported that some viewers “ … said it looked like the 53-year-old mom of four had been run through Zoom’s “Touch Up My Appearance” filter.

“In Hollywood, I believe we call that ‘refreshed,’” snipped actress Kristen Johnston, implying that Conway had gotten cosmetic work done.

Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg told Page Six that the White House counselor’s smoothed-out appearance could be the result of procedures—including “injections like Botox, and either fat transfer to the face or fillers, an upper and lower eyelid lift, face-lift and a nose job.”

Greenberg notes that her “cheekbones seem lifted and she doesn’t seem to have extra skin around her eyes” and that her “nose tip is more shapely and smaller.”

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Big media and technology companies bankroll a $1 billion small-screen TV venture

August 8, 2018

Disney, Alibaba and NBCUniversal are participating in a $1 billion financing round for a new video streaming service—led by ex-Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman and ex-Walt Disney Studios Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg; and designed specifically for mobile viewing, CNBC reported on August 6.

The product, dubbed NewTV for now, will “access the best talent and intellectual property for this next era in entertainment,” Katzenberg, who will be chairman and founder of the initiative, said in a statement.

Katzenberg and his investors—which also include Fox, Viacom, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, and MGM— are banking on an untapped audience that craves high-quality content designed for smartphones and tablets.

Variety revealed this week that NewTV is aiming to launch by the end of 2019, with a premium lineup of original, short-form series comprising episodes of 10 minutes each. The service will have two subscription tiers: an advertising-free plan and an “advertising-light” option (a la Hulu), according to Whitman. Each series will cost between $5 million  and $6 million per hour to produce.

“With NewTV, we’ll give consumers a user-friendly platform, built for mobile, that delivers the best stories, created by the world’s top talent, allowing users to make the most of every moment of their day,” said Whitman, NewTV’s CEO, in a formal company statement on August 7.

NewTV’s platform is owned by Katzenberg’s holding company WndrCo.

More than half of all video viewing is now happening on mobile, and most of those views come from phones, not tablets, according to a study by : That’s video platform provider Ooyala.

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