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Fire? Flood? Tornado? An all-in-one survival kit is designed to protect a family of four for 72 hours

October 8, 2021

Last year, if there was one thing most of us thought about a lot more than normal, it was survival. The pandemic turned out to be a wake-up call—demonstrating that everything can go south in a matter of days, if not hours, reports Futurism.

As a result, panic buying and hoarding—and photos of empty store shelves—began to appear in the news. And now that things have calmed down (relatively speaking), more people than ever have learned that, when it comes to disaster preparedness, you can’t wait until a disaster strikes.

But, now a New York city-based private company called Judy Kits, founded in 2019 by CEO Simon Huck, is marketing a variety of survival kits and products, such as portable power stations and survival go-bags, depending on your needs and circumstances.

Judy works by providing four levels of kits in addition to content—The Starter ($60), The Mover ($150), The Mover Max ($180), and The Safe ($250)—which are filled with items one may need in an emergency, including First Aid, Warmth, Safety, Food, Water and Tools. Once a Judy kit is registered, a customer receives safety-tips and advice through text communication. Customers can also text real-time emergency questions to Judy for real-time guidance, Forbes reports.

If you want to be prepared for nearly any disaster, the company suggests that The Mover Max could be just what you need. The Mover Max is described on the Judy Kit website as “a versatile, all-in-one kit that is ready to support up to four people for 72 hours.”

The company has packed a whopping 53 survival essentials into a waterproof, easy-to-transport backpack—among them:

  • Tools and first aid: The first section of the backpack includes a variety of essential tools, such as a 3-in-1 radio, charger, and flashlight, duct tape, multitool, biohazard bag, pocket tissues, and hand sanitizers.
  • Food and water: The second section contains 7 food bars and 14 water bottles—each of them boasting a five-year shelf life.
  • Safety and warmth: The backpack also contains a poncho, dust masks, gloves, a couple of emergency whistles, and more.

All of the tools are orange, so that they can be easily located in difficult environments.

“We aim to create a safety movement that empowers people with the tools, resources, and community to be prepared for the unexpected,” Huck said.

Among expert reviewers contacted by Business Insider, Thomas Coyne, a former Helitack firefighter and the founder of Coyne Survival Schools, said, “Getting a starter kit is better than nothing, but I still recommend building your own.”

Personalized kits would include medications, paperwork, and other individual and family necessities. It’s also worth mentioning that he suggested having at least 30 days’ worth of supplies.

Research contact: @futurism

LinkedIn is hiring for 1,000 jobs—and here’s how to get one, according to the site’s director of inclusion

September 23, 2021

LinkedIn has more than 1,000 job openings right now, and you don’t have to be a career expert to apply for one, according to the company’s Director of Inclusion Loni Olazaba, who spoke to Forbes recently.

The job-search platform is looking to hire for a variety of talent, from technical sourcers to member-engagement consultants.

About 89% of LinkedIn employees would recommend the company to a friend, and the company ranked No. 13 on the 2021 best places to work by employee choice, according to job-rating platform Glassdoor. In July, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky announced the company would forgo its “one-size-fits-all” work model and make most positions remote or hybrid.

LinkedIn’s Olazaba told Forbes that the company is focused on hiring people managers, also known as engineering leaders. “LinkedIn’s culture is our unique differentiator,” Olazaba said. “It’s what sets us apart and defines who we are and shapes what we aspire to be.”

Olazaba shared how anyone can land a role at the job-search platform. To start with, most candidates will have to go through four fundamental steps:

  • Applying for the position,
  • Passing a phone screening with a recruiter,
  • A first interview with a hiring manager to go over technical skills, and
  • One or two (previously) on-site interviews, which are now conducted remotely.

While the LinkedIn interview process typically takes three to four weeks, Olazaba said the hot job market has in some cases shortened it to two. Over the course of these two to four weeks, candidates will go through multiple phone screenings and—a process that has been made entirely remote because of the ongoing pandemic, but the process still will vary based on the job for which the applicant has applied. Some teams add components to this process, including skills tests or case studies, Olazaba said.

“It is important to us that we respond to the timing without compromising the quality of our evaluation process so we approach each situation accordingly,” she said.

Job seekers should be familiar with LinkedIn and the company culture before beginning the hiring process. One way for job seekers to show familiarity with the platform is taking LinkedIn’s skills assessments or learning courses, Olazaba said.

LinkedIn skills assessments are short quizzes that test users’ knowledge of certain desirable skills in the technical, business, and design fields. If users pass the assessment, they receive a badge on their LinkedIn profile that is visible to other users and employers. LinkedIn learning courses also provide certification upon completion and can be used to teach new skills or refresh old ones, Olazaba told Forbes.

“In addition to hard skills, it’s important to showcase your soft skills like communication and leadership during the interview process as well,” she said.

Applicants to LinkedIn should be familiar with the company’s five pillars that define its culture and six values that drive its work, and be able to demonstrate their ability to match these principles, Olazaba said. The five pillars are transformation, integrity, collaboration, humor, and results. The six values are members first; relationships matter; be open, honest, and constructive; inspire excellence; take intelligent risks; act like an owner of the LinkedIn community; and embody diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

LinkedIn values collaboration and humor, she said, so candidates should be open and candid during the recruitment process.

“Each role at LinkedIn has a different skill set needed,” she said, “so take a look at job descriptions to see what role fits best with your current skills.”

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Where ‘s the door? Eric Trump’s lawyer in New York State AG’s suit quits

September 22, 2021

Criminal trial lawyer Marc Mukasey has quit representing Eric Trump , according to a court filing submitted last week. The well-known defense attorney had been placed on retainer by the former president’s scion in the New York Attorney General’s civil suit alleging that the Trump Organization committed fraud.

Mukasey informed a New York state Supreme Court judge in Manhattan that he was  on September 14, Forbes reports.

The move comes  between the parties was filed. Before that agreement, the docket shows . Indeed, according to Forbes, it’s not clear if there’s any connection between the agreement and Mukasey’s departure.

Mukasey declined to comment on the record for this story. He has represented Eric Trump in the case since it was filed in August 2020. Eric and representatives from the Trump Organization have not replied to inquiries.

A former law partner of Rudy Giuliani, Mukasey has worked for several high-profile clients, including Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, oil-field service company Halliburton, and basketball coach Rick Pitino.

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) is investigating the Trump Organization over allegations that it  to secure loans and tax breaks.

Eric will continue to be represented by criminal defense attorney Alan Futerfas, a New York-based criminal attorney who has frequently represented clients in organized crime and cybersecurity cases—and also is representing Donald Trump, Jr.

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Forever young? Jeff Bezos is backing anti-aging startup Altos Labs

September 8, 2021

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos is pushing the envelope—on marketing, on suborbital space travel, and now on longevity. He is among a group of investors backing a new anti-aging company, according to a new report obtained by Fox News.

The company, Silicon Valley-based Altos Labs, is working on biological reprogramming technology that is targeted at essentially prolong human life, according to MIT Tech Review.

A Russian-born billionaire tech investor, Yuri Milner, and his wife, Julia, also have invested in the company, according to the report. Milner—who is known for investing in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb—is worth about $4.8 billion, according to Forbes’ estimates.

Altos was incorporated earlier this year in the United States and the United Kingdom; and has plans to create institutes in California, Cambridge, and Japan, according to the report obtained by Fox News.  

It’s also reportedly seeking university scientists with deep pockets dedicated to researching how to reverse the process of aging cells.

Bezos’ investment office, Bezos Expeditions, did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

However, this isn’t the first time the world’s richest man has invested in this kind of research.  The 57-year-old Bezos has also invested in the startup company Unity Biotechnology, the New York Post reported.

Unity, according to its website, is working to develop a “new class of therapeutics to slow, halt, or reverse diseases of aging.”

Representatives for Unity did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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Women’s Viagra-like sex serum coming to Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, and Nordstrom

September 3, 2021

After years of scientific research, Worcester, Massachusetts-based Vella Bioscience has introduced  what it describes as “a revolutionary pleasure serum that promises to increase the frequency, intensity, and satisfaction of a woman’s orgasm,” reports Forbes.

Developed by a medical team—including Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, the lead principal investigator for Viagra and Cialis—Vella works locally to relax the smooth muscle tissue and increase blood flow to enhance sexual arousal and orgasm in women.

And Forbes says, while Dr. Padma-Nathan is quick to say Vella is not Viagra for women, but from a layman’s—or more accurately, a laywoman’s—perspective, it sounds a lot like it.

“Viagra for men is very different. Viagra is a prescription medication that works systemically to treat erectile dysfunction,” he explains. “Vella is applied locally and doesn’t treat sexual dysfunction. Rather it works to enhance sexual pleasure from the potential that is already there.”

Unlike menthol-based drugstore topicals, which can irritate, or lubricants that only lubricate, Vella delivers a carefully regulated dose of cannabidiol (CBD) through a nano-encapsulated serum that penetrates the delicate tissue in a way the topical application of oil can’t.

Rather than taking a pharmaceutical approach, as a comparable Viagra for women would, Vella aims at the rapidly growing sexual wellness market.

“We wanted to give half the world’s population—women—equity in sexual fulfillment in a manner that is safe and effective,” Dr. Padma-Nathan continues. “We are focused on augmenting a woman’s normal function or recuperating a lot of that function if lost, as in post-menopausal women. And in our studies we found two out of three women overall will respond.”

The idea has been quick to catch on: With women now demanding equal time in the pleasure department, established retailers are scrambling to find ways to serve her. Bloomingdale’s, for example, has opened a “Sexual Wellness” shop online, offering “body-positive, female-led” brands as the “ultimate in self-love essentials,” with an emphasis sex toys.

Vella’s packaging is designed to look like prestige beauty and sit alongside a woman’s beauty products and on a retailer’s beauty counter.

Priced at $65 for 16 carefully regulated doses, it is pricey but its research-based technology justifies the price tag. However, it is also available in a single-use packet for $8; and, this holiday season, the company is releasing a gift-boxed skew for $30 with five applications.

In May it was introduced on the company’s direct-to-consumer website and quickly gained interest from retailers. Bergdorf Goodman’s trend-spotter and creative director Linda Fargo was one of the first to bring it into the store.

Also taking the in-store plunge is multi-brand luxury beauty retailer Cos Bar. It is now carried in five of its 19 stores, though it is planning to add two more locations soon. Cos Bar was founded in 1976 and is renowned for leading with beauty innovations.

Other luxury retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstrom, offer Vella online, but not yet in-store.

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Massive Cadillac Lyriq screen displays instrument cluster, infotainment system, and lighting controls

July 16, 2021

The interior of the car of the future is here—or so says General Motors. When the battery electric 2023 Cadillac Lyriq SUV arrives next year, it may mark the beginning of the end for the familiar rectangular display screen, Forbes reports.

Instead of a single, center-mounted screen, the Lyriq will feature a curved LED display that measures 33-inches diagonally and serve as the instrument cluster, infotainment system and control for lighting with the ability to emit over a billion colors.

According to Forbes, the LYRIQ interior is clean and simple with a focus on secondary and tertiary design elements. The almost cabin-wide screen can act as a single unit or be divided into three areas, according to longtime General Motors software partner Altia, which played a key role in developing the display through use of its human-machine interface solutions.

Altia CEO Mike Juran says that, through its ongoing work on other GM vehicles, his company was aware of the direction in which the automaker was headed.

“The Lyriq became a gateway for GM to move from a more traditional driver/vehicle relationship to this next generation,” Juran explained in an interview with Forbes.

This “next generation,” Juran says, means how drivers and their vehicles will interact, especially with the evolution of advanced driver assist technologies including Cadillac’s semi-autonomous Super Cruise systems. Those systems necessarily will need to better inform drivers of the vehicle’s status and other conditions as well as providing more intuitive and easy-to-use controls.

While the Cadillac Lyriq represents a concrete move away from the traditional rectangular screen, Juran notes, the vehicle’s advanced display is also a clear view into the way the auto industry as a whole is headed.

“The trend that’s happened is, now car companies are thinking about UI (user interface) on the glass as a first surface design element; as opposed to let’s build a car then let’s slap a 17-inch monitor on it and let whoever is building apps throw in whatever they want,” said Juran. “This thing is integrated into the vehicle from both an aesthetic, user experience, and, most importantly, a safety perspective.”

GM, he said, created the display architecture reflecting the fact that it need only handle functions specific and necessary to the vehicle. On Altia’s end, “We’ve turned that realization into the ability to create really rich looking graphics without having to use a lot of really expensive microprocessors that burn a lot of wattage,” said Juran.

While Cadillac is GM’s premium brand, Juran says some version of its advanced LED display could become available on a broader range of the automaker’s product line.

“Everything we design and architect and all the tools we put together for them are all applicable to the lowest-cost vehicle. They can take all the assets they designed, rebrand [them], maybe remove some capability and features, rescale it to a smaller display, push a button and now you have something for a Chevy Bolt and it’s appropriate for that,” Juran said.

It all points to the era of the rectangular screen, eventually, fading to black.

Research contact: @Forbes

The winner of this week’s Manhattan D.A. primary is poised to take over the Trump investigation

June 24, 2021

Whoever wins the Democratic primary race for Manhattan district attorney on Tuesday, June 22, isn’t just poised to take the helm of one of the most legendary prosecutors offices in New York. He or she also will inherit perhaps the highest profile investigation in the country—that of former President Donald Trump and his company, CNN reports.

The outgoing district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., is likely to decide whether to charge a case against the former president, the Trump Organization, or company executives by the end of his term in December, as CNN previous has reported.

If that happens, the next district attorney— most likely the winner of Tuesday’s primary, given the overwhelmingly Democratic makeup of Manhattan—will oversee the prosecution.

With eight contenders, the Democratic primary race for district attorney is a crowded one; and, unlike the New York City mayoral primary, it doesn’t have ranked-choice voting.

What’s more, the winner is likely to incur Trump’s very public ire if they he or she continues Vance’s work, since the former President has been quick to accuse Democrats investigating him—including Vance and New York State Attorney General Letitia James—of pursuing political prosecutions.

“If you can run for a prosecutor’s office pledging to take out your enemies, and be elected to that job by partisan voters who wish to enact political retribution,” Trump said in May, after James disclosed her office was working with the district attorney on its criminal investigation, “then we are no longer a free constitutional democracy.”

Some of the candidates already have expressed their views on the former president. Alvin Bragg, whom CNN says is widely seen as a leading contender in the race, has boasted of having sued the Trump administration more than 100 times while he was in the state attorney general’s office, where he was chief deputy. He also has noted that he led the team that sued the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which resulted in Trump personally paying $2 million to an array of charities.

“I’ve seen him up front and have seen the lawlessness that he can do,” Bragg said on the radio show “Ebro in the Morning,” in January. “I believe we have to hold him accountable. I haven’t seen all the facts beyond the public but I’ve litigated with him and so I’m prepared to go where the facts take me once I see them, and hold him accountable.”

Another leading candidate, Tali Farhadian Weinstein, has said comparatively little about Trump—noting that it would be improper to comment on the subject of an ongoing investigation.

In 2017, Farhadian Weinstein interviewed with members of Trump’s White House Counsel’s office for a federal judgeship, a position for which she had also applied during the Obama administration, according to The New York Times.

In the final debate last week, Farhadian Weinstein defended having sought the judgeship, saying: “It is not factual to say that federal judges, which are a separate part of the federal government, would work for the president. And so, to have been considered to be appointed to the federal bench while … Trump or anyone else was president, doesn’t mean that I would have been working for his administration.”

She worked as counsel to Attorney General Eric Holder and later as general counsel in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, where she successfully sued the Trump Administration to get Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers out of courthouses in Brooklyn, after finding that female victims of domestic violence were too afraid to come to court for fear of finding officers present.

Other contenders in the race also have history with Trump or his policies. Tahanie Aboushi, a civil rights lawyer, touts her experience spending four days at John F. Kennedy International Airport in the wake of Trump’s 2017 travel ban on Muslim-majority countries, where she supplied legal assistance to people detained by US Customs and Border Protection.

Candidate Lucy Lang, a veteran of the Manhattan district attorney’s office, counts as one of her senior advisers a former colleague who led the office’s investigation into Trump SoHo—which examined whether or not the Trump Organization misled potential buyers about the values of units, a probe Lang has said shouldn’t have been shuttered.

In November, she tweeted: “Today I called for the #ManhattanDA investigations into Donald Trump to continue. Immunity is not a consolation prize to losing and election, and no one is above the law. We can’t allow Donald Trump’s failed presidential campaign to absolve him of responsibility.”

But she has also taken pains to distance herself from Trump-related commentary, saying in June that “I think that one of the worst things the next District Attorney could do would be to say something on the campaign trail that would suggest anything other than complete impartiality when it comes to investigating all the cases in front of the office and putting themselves in a position where they might face a recusal motion or a removal of jurisdiction.”

Another candidate, public defender Eliza Orlins, has been more blunt in her criticism of the former president. In December, she publicly cheered Trump’s election loss, tweeting: “We did it! We got rid of Donald Trump. But that won’t change the fact that our systems inherently favor the rich and powerful and oppress the poor.”

New York state Assemblyman Dan Quart, also vying for the office, has split the difference, saying in February, “I’ve been very active and vocal on my feelings on Trump’s abuses of the rule of law, of his terrible policies, of his indecency, but that’s different than being a district attorney who has to judge each case on the merits.”

Diana Florence, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan DA’s office who left the office in January 2020 after a judge dismissed one of her cases when she failed to turn over evidence to defense attorneys, has suggested she believes Trump is due for retribution.

“I think what’s amazing about Donald Trump is that he ascended to the highest office in our nation and even before that had tremendous success and that was while doing whatever the heck he wanted to do,” she told Forbes in November. “He will now face the ability to be prosecuted. He had a brief immunity while a sitting president, but as I just talked about he had a de facto immunity for being a wealthy and powerful man for many, many years. And I believe that time will be changing.”

Research contact: @CNN

Walmart to acquire virtual fitting room platform Zeekit, as retail giant leans into fashion

May 14, 2021

For many years Walmart has eschewed offering high-fashion merchandise, but all that is changing—and on May 13, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based mega-retailer revealed plans to acquire Zeekit, a virtual fitting room platform that it hopes will enhance the social shopping experiences for online customers, Forbes reports.

“Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard to expand our apparel assortment to include quality, on-trend, and accessible fashion to help customers outfit their closets, no matter their personal style or budget,” said Denise Incandela, executive vice president of Apparel and Private Brands at Walmart-U.S., in a blog post. “But, in an increasingly online driven category, customers not only want variety in styles, they also want an inspiring and personalized digital experience.”

Zeekit, a female-founded Israeli-based startup company, is seen as facilitating that experience while smoothing away the pain points of ill-fitting purchases that ultimately lead to costly returns.

Indeed, Forbes reports, Walmart realized it was missing an enormous opportunity to sell consumers well-designed apparel at higher price points—something competitor Amazon  has been doing, both by attracting brands to its e-commerce site, and launching its own private labels.

“Virtual try-on is a game changer and solves one of the most difficult things to replicate online—understanding fit and how an item will actually look on you,” Incandela said. “Zeekit will help us deliver an inclusive, immersive and personalized experience for our diverse customer base.”

Walmart said it has elevated its fashion sensibility with exclusive labels Free Assembly, Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vegara, and Scoop. The retail giant also has  expanded its assortment of national brands with Free People, Champion, and Levi Strauss. Other other private labels include Time and Tru, Terra & Sky, Wonder Nation, and George. There’s also plus-size label Eloquii Elements.

When the experience is live on Walmart, customers will upload their photo or choose from a series of models that best represents their height, shape and skin tone, to instantly see themselves in clothing items. They can share their virtual outfits with friends, bringing a social experience to digital shopping.

Zeekit’s scalable technology can be integrated into Walmart’s digital products, and can be used to create other fashion experiences—including building a virtual closet and mixing and matching clothing to see how a top might look with a pair of pants. This is achieved by bringing real time image technology, computer vision and AI to the world of fashion. It can also help increase customer loyalty and return visits as it makes buying fashion online easier and more predictable.

“Zeekit’s impressive technology has been trialed by many top brands and retailers in the fashion industry,” Incandela said. “It uses real-time image processing to map a person’s image into thousands of segments. Clothing is processed in a similar manner and the equivalent points of the two are mapped into one final simulation. These exciting technologies add a social element to the digital experience, allowing our customers to bring their unique personalities and preferences to shopping.”

Zeekit’s founders, CEO Yael Vizel, chief technology officer Alon Kristal, and vice president of research and development Nir Appleboim will join Walmart when the deal closes, bringing their extensive experience to the retail behemoth.

Research contact: @Forbes

Melinda Gates’ petition for divorce says marriage to Bill is ‘irretrievably broken’

May 5, 2021

It was a marriage made at Microsoft that produced three children, a philanthropic foundation—and now, after 27 years, a separation contract. Indeed, Melinda Gates says her marriage to Bill Gates is “irretrievably broken,” according to court documents obtained Tuesday by NBC News.

In her petition for divorce, filed Monday in King County, Washington, she said “spousal support is not needed” and a separation contract will determine property divisions.

“We ask the court to dissolve our marriage and find that our marital community ended on the date stated in our separation contract,” according to the document. It is not clear from the petition when the couple separated or if they had a prenuptial agreement.

Bill, 65, and Melinda Gates, 56, first announced their divorce on Monday, May 3,  in a joint statement. The pair, who married on New Year’s Day in Hawaii in 1994, said that they no longer “believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.”

“After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” they said in the statement, according to NBC. “Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive lives.”

Jennifer Katharine Gates, 25, the oldest of their offspring, wrote in a statement that it has “been a challenging stretch of time for our whole family.”

“I’m still learning how to best support my own process and emotions as well as family members at this time,” she wrote.

The couple in 2000 founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a private philanthropic organization which funds research and advocacy work across the globe, including in some of the world’s most impoverished nations.

The foundation has given billions to support issues like global healthdevelopment and education, as well as combating climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and served as its chief executive until 2000, stepped down from the company’s board last year and has since focused the majority of his efforts on philanthropy.

He still owns roughly 1.3% of Microsoft’s shares. His net worth is roughly $130 billion, according to Forbes—making him the fourth-richest person in the world.

The Gates Foundation’s assets are nearly $50 billion, according to its financial statements, and it’s been considered the world’s largest private philanthropic organization for the past 20 years. It issued about $5 billion in grants annually during 2018 and 2019.

In their statement announcing their split, the couple—who are co-chairs of the foundation—said they would continue to work together in the philanthropic mission.

Research contact: @NBCNews

Shares rise, outrage kicks off as Europe’s biggest soccer teams plot breakaway ‘Super League’

April 20, 2021

A coalition of the world’s richest soccer clubs has announced plans to form a breakaway European Super League—one of the biggest financial and logistical shake-ups to the sport in decades. The move has sparked outrage among fans, reprisals from domestic leagues, and threats of legal action, Forbes reports.

The long-rumored league—made up of 12 English, Spanish, and Italian soccer clubs, which are set to be joined by three more clubs—is expected to kick off in August.

Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid CF and the group’s first chairman, said the league will “help football at every level and take it to its rightful place in the world,” as befitting a sport with 4 billion fans. 

European officials strongly condemned the proposals, with the sport’s governing bodies across the continent condemning the “self-interest[ed]” and “cynical project.”

Domestic leagues have threatened to bar participating clubs from competing and FIFA, the sport’s global governing bodywarned players in January that they may be blocked from the World Cup if the breakaway league goes ahead.

Even world leaders have criticized the move, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron both vowing to block the league in its current form and describing it as damaging to the sport and fans, Forbes reports.

The clubs involved are: England’s Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham; Spain’s Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid; and Italy’s Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Shares of the rebel clubs have jumped following the announcement. Juventus is up 16% and Manchester United nearly 10% (premarket) at the time of writing. Even clubs not affiliated with the league are seeing a boost.

Research contact: @Forbes