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Publishing industry sees surge with ‘Fire and Fury’

January 11, 2018

The publishing industry hasn’t produced a must-read adult book in several years, but that drought came to an end during the first week of January, Publishers Weekly reports.

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff, the explosive book about what’s going on inside the Trump White House, is flying off shelves in hardcover, and selling equally well in e-book and audio formats—with publisher Henry Holt rushing to print 1 million more copies, even before the full original press run of 150,000 books hits the stores.

Holt released the book for sale on January 5—about one week ahead of schedule—after the White House reacted to it as “literature non gratis” and filed a cease-and-desist order that only encouraged buyers nationwide. Indeed, the demand has been so high that the book “sold out” before it even went on sale—and buyers switched to the e-book format to get their fix.

According to figures from NPD BookScan, the hottest book of the year sold 28,567 print copies in the three days ending January 7. BookScan covers 80% to 85% of all print sales, excluding those through libraries. Even without the first print run fully available, Holt had the top-selling book nationwide.

According to Publishers Weekly, the demand for the book was apparent through its e-book sales. The digital edition of  outsold the hardcover at Barnes & Noble and was number-one in the iBooks store last week. The book is also #1 in Amazon’s Kindle store.

Looking at sales regionally,  the tome moved the highest number of copies in New York City, where 2,554 print titles were sold, according to BookScan. The second biggest market for the book was the San Francisco area, where 1,704 copies were sold. Washington, D.C (1,637), Los Angeles (1,441), and Chicago (1,005) rounded out the top five markets for the book.

Additional copies will be hitting stores this week.

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Will Trump’s fitness be revealed by medical exam on Friday?

January 9, 2018

Only 40% of registered U.S. voters think that Trump is fit to be president, while 57% think he is not, based on findings of a poll by Quinnipiac University released in mid-November. But what will the doctors say on Friday when the POTUS gets his first physical exam since taking office?

Like all Americans, Trump has the right under HIPPA to protect his health information from public disclosure. However, the White House has promised that the physician to the president, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, will issue a public report on the exam, to be conducted at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

The question of Trump’s mental and physical capabilities has come under increased, critical scrutiny since the release this month of  a book on the president’s first few months in the Oval Office by Michael Wolff. Indeed, White House top staff is quoted in Fire and Fury, citing incidents that indicate that the POTUS may not be mentally fit.

Trump hit back against the claims on January 9, describing himself as a “very stable genius.”  He then dispersed “an army of surrogates,” according to Bloomberg, “to forcefully denounce the book” on the Sunday morning political talk shows.

What’s more, the results that are offered to the American electorate may not provide much insight: Presidential medical reports are often short and to the point, featuring only such basic metrics as cholesterol levels, weight, and blood pressure, Bloomberg reports, as well as a smattering of idiosyncracies. After George W. Bush’s first physical exam, his physician said he smoked cigars and jogged 12 miles a week.

Most would guess that the president’s cholesterol could be off the charts, due to his affinity for the McDonald’s menu, including shakes, Big Macs and Filets-O-Fish.

Art Caplan, a professor of Bioethics at New York University told Bloomberg that the only way in which Jackson could legally and ethically release information about Trump’s mental state without the president’s consent is if he determined Trump posed a direct, imminent threat to another person, but that is an extremely difficult standard to meet.

“The standard is so tough to meet in a physical, I can’t imagine that happening,” Caplan said.

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In feud between Trump and Bannon, president is backed by his base

January 5, 2018

In a stunning turn of events this week, President Donald Trump dumped and dressed down his former chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, after learning that his once-close friend and adviser had disparaged him in multiple interviews for the new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff.

The break came after Bannon was quoted making scorched-earth comments about the president’s children—including observations that Donald Trump, Jr.’s June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Russian representatives had been “treasonous” and that Ivanka Trump is “dumb as a brick.”

In a written statement covered by The New York Times, the president characterized Bannon as a self-promoter who had “very little to do with our historic victory” in the 2016 presidential election and was “only in it for himself.”

He denied having a close relationship with the Breitbart executive chairman, stating, “Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.”

The Times noted that, “Assuming it lasts — and with Mr. Trump, nothing is ever certain — the schism could test whether he or Mr. Bannon has more resonance with the conservative base that has sustained the president through a tumultuous tenure marked by low poll numbers.”

A poll taken overnight portends that Trump will receive the support of the majority of Republicans in the wake of this split—not Bannon.

“In this pissing contest between Donald and Bannon, who[m] do you support?” asked firearms distributor AR15 on a website forum.

Fully 92% of the site’s 500 responses were in favor of Trump;  the other 8% backed Bannon.

The poll can be assumed to be mostly Republican-facing, since, according to Statistic Brain, out of 76 million Americans who own a gun, 49% are Conservatives and 49% are Republicans.

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