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White House unveils $12 billion aid plan for farmers impacted by trade war

July 26, 2018

On July 24, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue revealed details of an emergency plan that would extend $12 billion in aid to farmers in ten states hit by retaliatory tariffs caused by the Trump administration’s escalating trade war with China, Axios reported.

However, word has come back from the sector that the farmers “want trade, not aid,” according to a report by Newser.

The funding for the expensive program would come partially from a USDA branch called the Commodity Credit Corporation, which was founded during the Depression to help farmers, according to a July 25 story by The Washington Post. Because this is an existing program, approval by Congress would not be necessary.

Farm groups–including producers of soybeans, corn, and hogs—would begin seeing payments by September. Perdue said the “one-time” program, which would be “short-term,” would help farmers dealing with “illegal retaliation” to U.S. tariffs, The Wall Street Journal noted. The Ag Secretary said that the program would give the administration time to work on a longer-term trade solution.

According to Axios, China recently retaliated against Trump’s tariffs with duties on soybeans and pork—affecting 10 farming states, nine of which voted for Trump in 2016.

According to a poll conducted by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal—and posted by  CNBC on July 22—voters do not approve of President Donald Trump’s handling of foreign trade policy. Roughly half say Trump’s tariffs will raise consumer prices and hurt the average American, while only one-quarter say they will protect jobs and help the average person.

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74% of Americans want to ‘spring ahead’ and stay that way

March 12, 2018

Millions of Americans will “spring ahead” on March 11, the date on which Daylight Saving Time will begin this year—however, 74% would like to push their clocks forward by one hour and leave them that way, according to a poll of 1,147 U.S. adults completed last fall by

The mission of the nonprofit organization is to “make everyone’s lives just a little better and happier, [as well as] a little safer,” by keeping to one time year-round and enjoying a later sunset from January through December.

In fact, EDST has found, 84% of Americans prefer later sunsets. And, by advancing our clocks in the spring, we ensure that, after work, there is still evening daylight to enjoy during the warm months.

At this point, close to 70 countries worldwide support Daylight Saving Time. While most of us believe that DST began as a fillip to farmers, who wanted more daylight to manage their crops and harvests, that’s simply not true,, claims. In fact, farmers tried to block the law when it was written in 1919, because changing the clock would disrupt their set rhythms.

The solution, according to EDST Founder Anthony Boldin, is to stop changing the clocks twice a year. Instead, he proposes one single Standard Time all year long—to be accomplished by not performing the “fall back” process at the beginning of the next cycle so that the later daylight hours become permanent. Lastly, Boldin proposes to allow each state to determine in which time zone its residents prefer to belong.

The single time zone idea would eliminate many of the problems caused by Daylight Saving Time, according to EDST. Indeed, Boldin points out, time changes affect our health, sleep patterns, children’s focus in school, and worker productivity and safety. Problems with earlier sunsets include increases in depression (seasonal affective disorder), traffic accidents, pedestrian fatalities, and more crime due to darker streets.

“There is a growing library of research showing the problems caused by time changes and early sunsets,” said Boldin. “Were Daylight Saving Time replaced with one later time year-round, there would be many benefits.”

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