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When the tattoo outlasts the love

February 6, 2019

He loves me; he loves me not. When the love affair is over, but the tattoo remains, it’s an awkward situation.

What’s a single guy (or gal) to do when his chest, or arm, or ring finger, or ankle proclaim the name of an ex for all to see? Cover it with another, more commitment-free design—or go to the physical and fiscal pain of having it erased?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a company that calls itself “America’s leading provider of tattoo removal services”—Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers, with 20 locations nationwide—is offering the lovelorn or the lovers-and-leavers up to $500 in credit to erase that ink. The credit may also be applied as a gift, when purchased by spouses or partners.

“We have found name tattoos easier to remove than the average tattoo,” says Amanda Carter, VP of Research & Development for Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers. “The density of the tattoo is the number one factor for speed and ease of removal. In the thousands of name tattoo treatments we’ve performed, they are usually less dense— lots of fine lines and tight script—making for easier removal.”

The credit is available through February 28, 2019. When booking or calling, mention code “OLDFLAME” to be eligible for the credit.  Pricing is based on the number of sessions each customers needs to achieve full removal . Factors such as location of the tattoo on the body; color, and density of ink within the design; and even skin type play a role in the number of sessions a customer needs to safely remove unwanted ink. Thus, the company is offering $500 off a removal of $1,500 or more; $300 off a removal of $1,250-$1,499; or $250 off a removal of $1,000-­$1,249.

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