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Wash fruit, vegetables with soap: Virologist confirms COVID-19 survives on supermarket produce

March 27, 2020

An apple a day only will keep the doctor away if you wash it with soap and water, much as you would your hands: A virologist has confirmed that “every surface is a hazard” when it comes to COVID-19—and  he cautions supermarket customers to be particularly mindful of the loose fruit and vegetables in the store, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Timothy Newson, an associate professor at the University of Sydney specializes in infection, vaccines, and virology, told the Daily Mail that, while the virus can live on most surfaces, grocery shoppers should be particularly wary of the fruit and vegetable aisle—where customers frequently pick up the produce to see how fresh and ripe it is, and put it down again.

“We have to remember that every surface is potentially contaminated. And like with any surface there is a risk,’ Newsome explained. ‘We don’t see it as high risk because that comes from sustained contact with other people, but nonetheless it’s important to be mindful.’

‘People working in the supermarkets should be picking all of the fruit and veg up and setting it back down with protection,” he said. Luckily he noted that a large proportion of shelf stackers and general workers have been wearing gloves and disinfecting their hands at every turn.

The best course of action is to wash your fruit and vegetables with soap as soon as you bring them home, not simply relying on the high heat of cooking them to “kill” the virus.

“Wash them with warm soapy water, just as you do your hands,” he said.

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Early retirement could kill you

December 21, 2017

People who retire early die sooner than those who keep working past 65, a new study by Cornell University released on December 19 reveals. Indeed, men have a 20% higher mortality risk, if they start claiming Social Security benefits at 62, or three years before retirement age, the researchers found.

U.S. Census figures reveal a clear correlation between premature death and premature retirement, according to an analysis by two university researchers. While this could be down to the fact that many are forced to take early retirement due to underlying health conditions, the researchers warn we cannot be certain of that theory.

The research conducted by economists Maria Fitzpatrick and Timothy Moore, and covered by The Daily Mail UK, involved the review of comprehensive birth and death records for the entire U.S. population.

They found that fully 33% of Americans start taking Social Security benefits at 62, which is deemed early retirement for most employees.

Interestingly enough, for those whose retirement technically started at 62 or earlier, retiring at 62 had no impact on their health. However, they found that those who retired early at 62 had a significantly higher mortality rate than workers who retired on time.

They concluded that early retirement ‘may have an immediate, negative impact’ on health.

What’s more, this is far from the first study to find this correlation. Last year, researchers at Oregon State University found that those who work past age 65 could add more years to their life.

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Is that Fido on Facebook?

December 18, 2017

Who is more popular on social media—your pet or you? Data released on December 4 by Connecticut-based PetCare TV, an educational TV website for “America’s pet parents,” finds that 10% of dog and cat owners nationwide have set up a site on Facebook, Instagram or another Internet app to celebrate the wisdom, wackiness and beauty of their four-legged friends.

Indeed, based on the results of a recent Daily Mail UK survey of animal lovers:

  • 80% of respondents think their pets can sense their moods;
  • 65% admit that their dog is their best friend in the world;
  • 48% of cat owners swear their kitties watch TV;
  • 41% have more conversations with their pups than with their partners—and are more likely to tell them their deepest secrets;
  • An average pet parent takes six snaps of his or her pet a week; and
  • 25% blow dry their pet’s fur after a bath.

What’s more, our pets get spoiled during the holidays, a recent Harris Poll of dog and cat owners found, noting that:

  • 64% of owners frequently purchase holiday presents for their pet(s);
  • 45% regularly buy their pet(s) gifts; and
  • 45% buy birthday presents for their pets.

Finally, pet spending is growing in new areas that include organic pet foods, home delivery boxes, and technology and communication devices, so we can provide our beloved pets with the very best. Obviously, it’s a dog’s (or cat’s) life—and we’re all a little happier for the phenomenon.

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