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This year’s ‘newest’ superfood is—wait for it—cottage cheese

July 1, 2019

Cottage cheese: It’s not just for dieters anymore. In fact, nutritionists have a brand-new viewpoint on this traditional food. They now consider cottage cheese to be a protein powerhouse that you should scoop up for everyday snacks and use as a meal ingredient, according to a June 27 report by Prevention.

There’s a good reason that nutritionists such as New York-based Regina Ragone call cottage cheese a game-changer, the magazine says. “It has all the elements that people are looking for in a food today—high in protein, low in sugar and carbs,” she said in an interview, adding, “It’s even perfect for keto followers.”

When considering what kind of cottage cheese is healthiest, Ragone suggests choosing full fat or 2%. The no-fat version has less protein, may contain stabilizers, and won’t satisfy hunger as well. And it just tastes less rich. (One nutritional drawback to keep in mind: Cottage cheese can be a bit high in sodium. There are low- and no-salt versions, but you may find those pretty low in flavor too.)

Consider it a tasty way to build muscle: One cup of 2% cottage cheese has 27 grams of protein for only 195 calories. Compare that to two large eggs, which contain 12 grams of protein for 158 calories.

“And cottage cheese keeps you feeling full, which can help you lose weight,” Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, registered dietitian and owner of Los Angelese-based TastyBalance Nutrition told Prevention. “Plus it has plenty of vitamins and minerals, such as B12, selenium, and riboflavin.” It also helps you get your daily dose of calcium, which is not only good for your bones; it also may decrease your risk for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

According to the pros, it’s fine to get a daily serving—or more—of cottage cheese. It’s an ideal post-workout snack because it contains casein, a slow-digesting protein that’s used in some protein powders.

Pine suggests the traditional pairing with fruit for a protein-carb combo that replenishes muscle and energy. “Cottage cheese has a high amount of the amino acid leucine, which gets into the muscle easily and triggers muscle protein synthesis,” says Pine.

Research contact: @PreventionMag