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Throwing shade and some chill: Someone put air conditioning in a baseball cap

January 7, 2020

At the Consumer Electronics Show—the humongous trade show hosted annually by the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas— there’s something new to wrap your head around this year (or should we say, to wrap around your head?)

In years past, the show has seen everything from walking cars to smart diapers. And this year is no exception to the glorious strangeness, Fortune Magazine reports.

Pretty much everyone wears a baseball cap for protection from the sun and heat at one point or another—even when they are not at the ballpark. Now, entrepreneur Steve Feher is taking things to the next level—showcasing a cap that has air conditioning built in.

This is not his first “cool” device, either. Feher—who founded Feher Research in 1993 in Honolulu—has previously produced a personally air-cooled mattress pad, seat, pillowcase, and steering wheel,

The cap that he brought to CES this year foregoes refrigerants and instead uses thermoelectric technology to produce cooler air that, in turn, lowers the temperature of the scalp—as much as 22 degrees below the ambient temperature, he told Chris Morris of Fortune during an interview on the show floor.

The cap is a prototype, and Feher is looking for licensees at the show. It’s not exactly a fashion-forward item, as the cap needs to hook up to a battery system (which, Feher notes, weighs less than a “high quality pair of running shoes”).

The hat prototype itself weighs 305 grams, a bit more than a mini-can of soda. (The production model is expected to weigh a bit less.) Throw in the battery pack and you’re looking at more than 800 grams (just shy of 2 pounds.)

The cap is not in production yet, but with global warming affecting weather worldwide, it may be worth both the “wait” and the “weight.”

Research contact: @FortuneMagazine