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Eddie Van Halen’s 1934 Ford is red hot and up for auction

April 22, 2021

A custom 1934 Ford Sedan is the latest piece of Eddie Van Halen memorabilia to come up for auction since the guitar legend’s death last October, Fox News reports.

The chop-top four-door is currently up for grabs on the Gotta Have It Rock and Roll online auction site.

Van Halen purchased the car in 1991, but wasn’t the latest owner. He sold it several years ago and it traded hands again at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2017 for $88,000.

The red hot rod is powered by a supercharged 350 cubic-inch Chevy V8 mounted in a painted engine bay and features an updated four-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission, fully independent suspension, power steering and windows, air conditioning, and “suicide-style doors”(which are hinged at the rear) all around.

The interior is trimmed from floor to ceiling in leather and suede and hides a smartphone-compatible audio system within a retro-style dashboard, Fox notes.

To sweeten the deal, the seller is throwing in a Fender Stratocaster guitar signed by the original Van Halen lineup and a framed autographed photo of Van Halen himself.

The auction house estimates that the car is worth $150,000 to $200,000 today, but there are no bids as of this writing. A Ferrari once-owned by Van Halen failed to find a buyer on the site in an auction last November.

Research contact: @FoxNews

New USPS delivery vehicle with more headroom, safety features, and AC coming in 2023

Febraury 25, 2021

Few things have changed less during the course of this century than this nation’s fleet of postal delivery vehicles.

The familiar squat, box-like vans—produced from 1987 through 1994, and in service ever since— have a steering wheel on the right, to make it easier for drivers to reach out and put mail in curbside mail boxes. They have few creature comforts—certainly not air conditioning.

Overall, they were designed to be rugged, not flashy. They have lived up to their name, the Grumman LLV, for long lasting vehicle.

Indeed, says CNN, this ubiquitous fleet of 200,000 vehicles has been around longer than such common features of modern life as smartphones, online shopping, social media, streaming services, or Google. About 70% of them are between 25 and 32 years old.

But their days are finally numbered. A contract with Oshkosh Defense, a unit of Oshkosh Corp. Under the contract between 50,000 and 165,000 new postal trucks will be produced over a period of ten years. Oshkosh initially will receive $482 million to initiate engineering efforts to finalize the production vehicle design, and for tooling and factory build-out activities that are necessary prior to vehicle production.

The amount of the contract to actually purchase the production version of the vehicles has not yet been set—but it will almost certainly be a multi-billion dollar deal.

As for the design of the new van, it has a low engine compartment and hood; and a very high windshield. It looks like a duck’s head, complete with bill. The back is tall enough for a letter carrier to stand in.

It also has safety features missing from many of the current vehicles, including — believe it or not — airbags, which are standard features in virtually all motor vehicles today.

They also will have back-up cameras, front collision warnings, automatic front and rear braking, blind spot detectors and, to the relief at last of letter carriers come summer, air conditioning.

And, according to CNN, the vehicles will have more cargo space than current vehicles—enabling USPS to deliver more packages, a growing and profitable part of its business, rather than traditional letters, a segment that’s shrinking.

Many but not all of the Next Generation Delivery Vehicles(NGDVs) will be electric vehicles. With electric vehicle changing at a fast pace and the vehicles designed to last decades, the contract calls for the electric versions to able to be retrofitted to keep pace with advances.

The rest will be what the USPS says will be high efficiency traditional gasoline engines. The precise mix between EVs and internal combustion engines has not been set. But the mix has already elicited criticism from environmentalists.

“The USPS NGDVs should be electrified as a matter of urgency,” Robbie Diamond, president of Securing America’s Future Energy, or SAFE, told CNN. “This contract is a golden opportunity to stimulate the domestic EV market and supply chain, and a commitment to electrifying the NGDV would provide a clear incentive for further domestic EV industry development.”

The vehicles have also been in the works for years. USPS has been working on the project with potential suppliers since 2016.

Research contact: @CNN