Serena Williams designs limited edition Gatorade bottle

July 3, 2020

Tennis ace Serena Williams isn’t afraid of coming on strong—either on the court or off it.

Throughout her career, she has grabbed headlines not just for her dominance on the court, but for her self-designed bold outfit choices as well. To some, her now-iconic catsuits, tutus, bold prints, and more may seem to supersede function.

But to Williams, fashion and performance go hand in hand, according to her recent interview with Fast Company. “My sister and I both say, ‘Look good, feel good, play good,’” Williams says.

Now, Fast Company says, she’s channeling that philosophy into a limited-edition Gatorade bottle.

To promote Gatorade’s Gx customizable hydration line, Williams designed a bottle that encompasses more than just something to hold your electrolytic fruit punch.

“I wanted to create something that tells a story about—not only my strength as an athlete but also my strength as a mom,” Williams says.

Williams’s bottle incorporates bright, almost neon colors broken up by thick black lettering that, if you look closely, spells out “STRONG.”

“For me, bold colors are essential. And we have Gatorade’s iconic orange because when I was younger, my dream was to be a Gatorade athlete. So I wanted to keep that inspirational story with the orange,” Williams says.

As for the black, it’s a theme Williams translates into her strength on and off the court.

“Being an athlete is easy,” she told Fast Company. “Being a mom is so hard. That’s like the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Williams has what she jokingly calls a “lifetime partnership” with Gatorade—and the pairing has certainly produced some noteworthy campaigns. So for both Williams and Gatorade, this collaboration was more than just imprinting her name on a bottle.

“When you think about Serena Williams, you think of someone that’s different and stands up and stands out for lots of different things outside of tennis,” Williams continues. “That was the same method that I wanted to do when I was designing this bottle.”

Research contact: @FastCompany

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