Cold comfort: Mosaic launches a line of healthy, home-delivered frozen meals

May 3, 2019

The newest niche in home meal kit deliveries is healthful, frozen cuisine— prepared fresh, with clean ingredients by Mosaic Foods, a startup launching in select market on May 2.

 “Frozen foods is a $53 billion market that has remained unchanged for decades,” said Mosaic Co-founder and CEO Matt Davis, in a company press release. “The potential of the category is huge, and the benefits—from convenience to the reduction of food waste—are numerous. We’re launching Mosaic to elevate the category and create healthy, delicious and convenient frozen meals for consumers.”

Despite the lack of great options, frozen meals are still a significant part of the American diet. The average American consumes 72 frozen meals per year, and sales from frozen meals continue to grow steadily, the company says.

“Traditional frozen meal options are bland, filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients, and not made with the same care as our best fresh meal options,” said Mosaic Co-founder Sam McIntire. “We want to make something different by investing in great recipes and real cooking. The goal is to offer healthy, delicious meals ready in just a few minutes.”

Mosaic’s initial product line is a collection of six, globally inspired vegetarian bowls. Each bowl is made with fresh, unique ingredients such as purple cauliflower, wheat berries, and forbidden rice. These ingredients are then cooked with techniques not used in the frozen industry today, including roasting, grilling and sauteing. Each bowl comes with a separately packaged savory sauce, such as basil pesto, lemony-sweet miso, and coconut-peanut, and a flavorful garnish, such as feta crumbles, crushed almonds, and toasted pine nuts.

The full product line includes the Tuscan Pesto Bowl, the Greek Jackfruit Bowl, the Peanut Tofu Bowl, the Miso Tempeh Bowl, the Harvest Beet Bowl, and the Smoky Southwest Bowl.

Customers can order meals for delivery at Subscription delivery will begin in the Northeast, and will expand to new regions throughout the year. Details including pricing structure, regional availability, and shipping options can be found online.

Research contact: @MosaicFoods

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