Children think Dad is a better driver than Mom—but he steps on the gas too much and suffers road rage

July 2, 2020

Children think Dad is a better driver than Mom—but he steps on the gas too much and suffers road rage. In fact, when it come to cars and driving, most children would prefer to have their fathers behind the wheel, a new study of 1,000 kids, ages 6-16 by carmaker MG, has found, SWS Digital reports.

.A study by Amsterdam-based MG Motors —which looked at responses of 1,000 6-16 year-olds whose parents both drive—found that fully 43% named Dad as the ‘best’ behind the wheel, while only 29 per cent opted for Mom.

When rating how the parents function on the road, the children had definite opinions about who was best at what, as follows:

  • Fastest driver: Dad
  • Most road rage: Dad
  • Most likely to get lost: Mom
  • Most likely to bump the car: Mom
  • Best at parallel parking: Dad
  • Best at reverse parking: Dad
  • Best at parking in a tight space: Dad
  • Best at switching lanes on a highway: Dad
  • Best at hill starts: Dad
  • Best at doing three-point turn: Dad
  • Best at changing a tire: Dad

So, in nine out of 11 categories, Dad is rated as the most dexterous driver. However, SWS Digital notes that, despite this, 35% of youngsters prefer being in the car with their Mom, naming her as the parent most likely to join in with car games, such as I Spy, while on a journey.

Tiffany Wilcox, from MG, which commissioned the research to celebrate the family friendly model range, said: “The results paint an interesting picture of family car journeys and how kids see their parents.

“Everyone remembers family road trips from when they were younger, the discussions which are had, games that are played, and music choices.

It also emerged men are more likely to take the driving seat for family car journeys, according to 65% of the youngsters polled. But this may be because half of the respondents said their Mom is more susceptible to getting lost and having to ask for directions.

The study, carried out via OnePoll, also revealed that 31% of kids prefer being in dad’s car—with half of them stating this is because it’s bigger, while 27 per cent put it down to the fact it has more technology, such as Apple Car Play.

Research contact: @swsdigital

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