Bloomberg wins Dixville Notch vote as New Hampshire goes to polls in primary

February 12, 2020

Just after midnight in the tiny city of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire—a township located close to the Canadian border with a population of 12, as of the 2010 Census—Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg scored a big win by garnering just three votes out of the total five ballots cast by residents.

That’s a big deal in Dixville Notch, which started voting at midnight in the 1960s—and 70 years later, still retains the title of the first town to count its votes in the nation’s first primary election, The New York Daily News reports..

Of the other candidates on the ballot, Joe Biden got one vote and Bernie Sanders scooped another. No one voted for President Donald Trump, although the state’s open primary system means voters can choose which party contest to vote in.

“I believe Mike Bloomberg can win the presidency in November and get things done in a way I feel good about,” a resident told the Daily News after casting his ballot for Bloomberg. He said he had never voted for a Democrat before.

Indeed, this is the first time in recent memory that all the votes in Dixville Notch were cast for candidates from one party.

Bloomberg is not on the New Hampshire Democratic primary ballot because he entered the race too late to file for it. All three votes for him were write-ins, and his campaign is not anticipating any significant number of votes statewide.

According to the Daily News, the tiny community has a less-than-stellar record of predicting the outcome of the primary. Hillary Clinton won with four votes in 2016 but went on to get demolished by Bernie Sanders. In 2012, President Barack Obama tied Mitt Romney with five votes each.

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Editor’s note:  Bernie Sanders took the lead in New Hampshire, with 25.7% of the vote (71,090 votes); Pete Buttigieg came in second with 24.4% (57,706); and in a surprising show of strength, Amy Klobuchar placed third, with 19.8% (57,706 votes) with nearly 96% of the votes counted.

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