Bloomberg launches Screentime, a digital hub about the business of entertainment

April 15, 2020

On April 14, Bloomberg announced the launch of Screentime—a weekly newsletter about the entertainment industry that will feature coverage on television and movies, music and podcasting, eSports and video games, and influencers.

Screentime is the latest in a series of similarly structured verticals coming out of Bloomberg—among them, Hyperdrive for the auto and mobility industry; and Prognosis, for the healthcare industry.

In addition to featuring trend stories and narratives, Screentime will cover the biggest news stories of the moment: In the first issue, Bloomberg discusses how COVID-19 currently is affecting every aspect of the entertainment industry.

In addition, a unique new feature of the newsletter will be Bloomberg’s Pop Star Power Ranking, a list of the 25 biggest pop stars in the world, updated weekly.

Content from Screentime will be available first to subscribers of Bloomberg Terminal , the company’s premium data and breaking news subscription portal.

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