Baseball fans will devour 18.3 million hot dogs at U.S. ballparks this season

March 29, 2019

It’s doggone impressive: Major League Baseball (MLB) fans are expected to consume about 18 million hot dogs and nearly 4 million sausages at U.S. stadiums this season, according to findings of a survey fielded by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) just in time for opening day.

“It’s easy to see why hot dogs and sausages have been stadium staples since the very beginnings of Major League Baseball itself,” said NHDSC President Eric Mittenthal. “They are delicious, convenient and nostalgic. What would America’s pastime be without these most American of foods?”

While it might not take the sting out of two straight World Series losses, the Los Angeles Dodgers will still top the big leagues, wiener-wise, with projected sales of 2.7 million hot dogs at Dodger Stadium.

The Chicago Cubs are expected to place second, with 1.2 million hot dogs waiting to be consumed at Wrigley Field.

The Dodgers’ rivals up the coast could be a shoo-in for this year’s sausage crow: San Francisco Giants fans are expected to “polish” off 450,000 sausages, with Cubs fans not far behind at 400,000. As in past years, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park is the sole MLB venue where sausage sales will outpace hot dogs.

And while they might not make the top rankings for gluttony, New York Yankees fans eat about 1 million Nathan’s Famous hot dogs per season—which still qualifies them for the big leagues

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