Animal house: Dog lover prepares to break ground on sanctuary for pit bulls

November 7, 2019

An animal advocate who lives in Paulding County, Georgia, is demonstrating his dedication to a dog breed that is often misunderstood. Jason Flatt told ABC News Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV that he plans to create a one-of-a kind sanctuary for pit bulls and pit bull mixes

Flatt already pulls pit bulls out of local shelters—where 80% to 85% are ignored or shunned by potential adoptive families, he says—and cares for them with a small team at his home, which is filled with kennels for the pups.

Most of the dogs, Flatt told the news outlet, have experienced “some sort of trauma,” and need tender, loving care to restore their spirits and health.

Flatt said he is working to change the narrative of the breed, which is known as being aggressive or used as fighting dogs.

“Everybody assumes these dogs are like these baby-killing monsters,” Flatt told WSB-TV. “Pit bulls have a problem —a big problem. In every major city, every

At his new facility, Flatt aims for every dog to have a 40-foot run made of concrete and grass. The sanctuary also will feature areas for rehabilitation and indoor play, as well as a full-time veterinarian, he said.

His goal is to raise enough money to break ground in the next few years, he said.

“We don’t give up on dogs,” he said. “We never have.”

Flatt and his team will work to find every dog the right home. Those that don’t find their forever home will continue to live with him on the property.

“Every one of them has a story,” he said. “The stories don’t matter. It’s the ending—the endings that we look to change.”

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