A mysterious ‘millionaire’ advertises on highway billboards for a wife

May 8, 2019

According to Credit Suisse, there are 17.3 million millionaires in the United States. But as of today, we only know of one of them who is advertising—on highway billboards, yet—for his future wife.

In fact, Elle magazine reports, if you’re driving down Interstate 15 in Salt Lake City, it’s hard to miss several very large billboards ballyhooing a date with a rich member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “LDS Millionaire looking for his wife,” they read. “Exclusive VIP Event June 7.”

And, as it turns out, those ads are legit.  There’s actually some affluent guy in Utah pitching himself on the side of a highway that’ll take you all the way from San Diego to Alberta, Canada, Elle says.

Erin Schurtz, who bills herself as the LDS matchmaker, told The Salt Lake Tribune that she set up the whole thing and that her client truly is looking for love.

“This person has tried lots of different avenues and hasn’t been successful yet,” Schurtz told the newspaper. “He’s a great guy and has so much to offer.”

While Schurtz guarded the bachelor’s identity, she offered a few clues to news outlet. She said the man is a millionaire, a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, originally from San Diego, from a big family, between 30 and 45 years old, and stands 6 feet, 1 inch tall.

 “I would say tall, dark and handsome,” Schurtz said.

The billboards stay up until May 31, at which point 20 lucky women will be invited to join the mystery man on an exclusive group date. Interested parties should fill out an application, here, which has a drop down menu for “body type” that includes, “slender, athletic, average, a few extra pounds, large, and petite.” The application also requires two photos and asks, “Are you currently a worthy temple recommend holder?” and “Did you serve an LDS Mission?”

As of Monday, 326 women have applied

Research contact: @LDS_Matchmaker

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