Trump to Stephanopoulos: ‘I never suggested firing Mueller’

June 17, 2019 In addition to his assurances that “oppo” research on a political rival would be acceptable to “anyone” […]

Brinksmanship: Unable to cut deal, Nadler soon may subpoena Mueller to testify before U.S. public

June 12, 2019 When and if former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies before Congress, his face will be familiar—but the […]

Mueller: ‘No confidence’ that Trump didn’t commit obstruction of justice

May 30, 2019 If the House Judiciary Committee wants Robert Mueller to testify about his investigative report in front of […]

Trump claims executive privilege over full Mueller report; House Judiciary votes to hold Barr in contempt

May 9, 2019 At the instigation of the Justice Department on the evening of May 7, President Donald Trump claimed […]

Despite Trump’s tantrums, House Republicans want Mueller to testify

May 8, 2019 The U.S. president frantically flailed out on Twitter again on May 6—insisting that there is no “need” […]

2020 Democratic candidates comment on redaction and release of Mueller report

April 22, 2019 “To impeach or not to impeach: that is the question,” to paraphrase William Shakespeare—and on April 19, […]

Federal judge ponders review of Mueller report redactions

April 19, 2019 The federal judge who reviews documents for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) dissemination is asking to scrutinize […]

Fears confirmed: Leaks from Mueller’s team attest that report was more damaging than Barr revealed

April 5, 2019 We suspected it all along, but now, some of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have asserted that […]

House Democrats say they will subpoena the full, unredacted Mueller report

April 2, 2019 House Democrats say they intend to vote this week to subpoena Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s complete, 300-page […]

‘There’s nothing routine about this’: Barr moves to send Mueller’s report to Trump

March 29, 2019 More than three in four Americans (77%), including majorities of both Republicans and Democrats, think that Special Counsel Robert […]